WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation

Some members at the centre belong to Wires. We may treat wildlife, where appropriate. This would be strictly under veterinary guidance, as the handling of wild animals is very different to that of domestic pets. Rehabilitation, stretching may be of help in some cases.
Wild animals are not used to being handled and are very susceptible to stress.  If handled improperly, they are likely to struggle and hurt themselves even more. It is crucial to take care with the rescue of any native animal, and to reduce the animal’s stress as much as possible.
Step 1: Remove any threat to the animal. This may mean locking up cats and dogs until the animal is rescued by a licensed rescuer.???

Step: Minimise stress by placing a towel or blanket over the animal, then gently place in a box. Put the box in a warm, quiet, dark room and DO NOT DISTURB. The stress associated with human contact can result in death.???

Step 3: Seek advice. If you live in New South Wales, call WIRES on 13000WIRES or 1300 094 737. Go to www.wires.org.au for more information. (info supplied by Wires).

Your Animal’s Wellbeing and Mobility is Our Mission

Home Visits Available in Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney

0408 229 341


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