Rusty lo-resOur dog Rusty has had two major spinal surgeries because his vertebrae were collapsing.

Before seeing Kristine he was in a lot of pain and he was very stiff and had trouble walking. We relied heavily on painkillers and anti-inflammatories for him just to be comfortable and mobile.

On our first appointment with Kristine she was very optimistic and she gave us hope and encouragement. She also made an exercise plan for him to stretch and strengthen his muscles that we are still doing and it really makes a difference.

At first Rusty was scared of the underwater treadmill and needed help going in but before we knew it he is going in happily by himself and enjoying it. Rusty responds very well to Kristine’s acupuncture as she puts the needles in and gives him time to lye down and relax and let the needles do there work.

Kristine has healing hands and whatever she does to him he is in heaven. I would like to thank Kristine for everything she has done and continues to do for Rusty and us. She has supported both myself and my partner with anything we go through with rusty and no problem is too big or small for her to help with. I know I can always contact her day or night for advice.

On the days we go to Kristine Rusty is so excited and can’t wait to get in to see her. She is now not only rusty’s physiotherapist but a good friend of ours. Rusty is now a much happier and healthier dog because of her and now he will live a much longer life thanks to her treatment and advice.

He will need continuous treatment and I look forward to more visits to Kristine because she is an amazing woman.