34444-18--113-8x12We have an 11 and a half year old Weimaraner named “Cooper”. He has been a very active boy throughout his life. He has gained many titles in obedience, rally obedience, gundog work, dances with dogs and the show ring. He has been in many photo shoots and ads. Cooper is a special dog.

He was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy a neurological condition about 2 and half years ago and only started really showing signs of this disease last December (2012).

Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease. We can only try to manage it from getting worse and keep him comfortable and pain free. We investigated alternative treatments which lead us to Kristine Edwards.

We have been attending treatments on a fortnightly basis since December 2012. This includes hydrotherapy, physio and accupuncture. We are certain that the treatments have worked to maintain him in the best possible condition and prevent him from becoming much worse. Kristine has also been able to give advice on exercises to help with balance/coordination and
muscle strength.

MDC 08 TrialCooper always enjoys his treatments and can’t wait to get through the door and see Kristine who is very kind and caring and very good with him. Kristine puts on her wellingtons and gets in the hydrotherapy tank with Cooper to help him.

We have suplemented these regular treatments with Bowen Therapy, Life Like Coils and Crystals. Along with glucocamine, fish oil and other medications recommended by our Vet.

Also we walk Cooper more regularly during the day but only short walks as suggested by Kristine. This works well as Cooper tires quickly and it gives him his required exercise during the day.

We believe that without these regular treatments Cooper’s condition would be far worse than it is now. It has extended his quality of life.

Kristine has been working in conjunction with our Vet and in the beginning was regularly in contact with him.

We thank Kristine for her efforts in helping to manage Cooper’s condition.

Michelle and Chris Coulson and Cooper