IMG_2448Dogs @ Play, a dog daycare centre in Surry Hills, organized an information day this last Saturday, with me presenting on animal physiotherapy, what is it, how we work, benefits, common problems, etc, with loads of Q and A.

Steve Austen, well known dog trainer, was presenting in the afternoon. Unfortunately I had to get back to work and make up for not working Saturday rest for the wicked!

It was a great morning, with 15 very interested dog owners, accompanied by their canine mates and  lots of questions. We did a quick gait analysis of a few volunteers, quick demo of some techniques ,some dogs more  co-operative than others as they tend to get a little overwhelmed when the spotlight is on them…but it was fun

and, I think,informative.

Some interesting questions were – why do so many little dogs tend to “skip” and run on 3 legs (often a knee issue), best management for a young active collie with less than perfect hips, and me trying to be tactful about weight (too much of it!!)

I’ll give a bit more detail next blog, I thought this was going to be a cruisy monday morning off and of course it hasn’t turned out like that, I’ve run out of time again.

BY the way, Crown Street is so interesting Saturday morning, lots of cafes and great shops, including one of my client’s cafe, Gnome. I had been meaning to drop by for ages, it is tiny and gorgeous, great coffee and food, dog friendly and pictures of the dachshund patients hanging on the wall.