What we do

Animals suffer from many of the same ailments that people do e.g. arthritis, back and neck pain, trauma. Staff at our centre apply their knowledge of treating people to animals.

Animal physiotherapists must be qualified human physios before they can start to treat animals, so we are all very experienced in hands on treatment for bodies, whether they have two legs or four. Some animal physios continue to treat human clients as well; it is quite common for a client to bring in their animal for treatment, see the results, then ask for treatment for themselves.

Conversely, some human clients have had successful treatment for themselves, then look around for a physiotherapist to give similar treatment to their dog (cat, horse etc). Treatment is specifically tailored to the patient and the condition, it would typically include joint mobilization, massage, stretching, perhaps acupuncture, and of course, an exercise programme.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • physiotherapy,
  •  hydrotherapy
  •  acupuncture for animals.

Treatment of:

  • back problems,
  • neurological conditions,
  • pre and post operative cases,
  • old age related diseases,

We provide expert advice and the correct exercise programmes for weight control,
conditioning, strengthening and rehabilitation.

Staffed by experienced animal physiotherapists & acupuncturists. We work in conjunction with your vet to ensure the best possible outcome for your animal.