We are about giving your pet the best possible treatment:

Kristine Edwards is a physiotherapist and acupuncturist with over 20 years experience.

She has managed her own two (human) physiotherapy clinics, has been treating animals for the last 12 years and is the owner of Sydney Animal Physiotherapy, the first animal physio clinic in Sydney. Kristine is a qualified yoga teacher & pilates instructor, , also loves to dance, in particular, rock and roll, jazz & belly dance.
All this is to say Kristine is passionate about exercise, movement & keeping one’s body healthy, strong & agile for as long as possible. One of Kristine’s favourite pictures is that of an 85 year old yoga devotee doing an extreme backbend.

Whether we are people or animals, we should continue to move well and happily, without discomfort, for most of our lives. This comes down to a healthy lifestyle, good diet and plenty of appropriate exercise. It also is dependent on attending to problems when they arise: so many people bring themselves in for treatment after they have had a problem for a long time; often people say of themselves (and their animals) “thought nothing could be done,” “it’s just old age” etc. The Eastern philosophy of having regular treatment while you are well, to stay well, is vastly different to our philosophy of putting up with a problem until we are no longer able to ignore it.